3 Steps of Start

1 min readMar 15, 2021
Photo by Tim Gouw on Unsplash

Start from the small task, start from ourselves, and start it right away. Those are three magic formulas to make a change in our life. As being older, sometimes we forget about those. We forget about the process that is described through those ways. Maybe because we are adults right now, so we wanna see the result right away. It can be because we see our successful friends, the pressure from society, or our own target plan.

We don’t have so much patience like we were young. We easily give up and think that we don’t have the capability to master what we tried. Sometimes we feel that it’s too late to start or think too complicated, which makes us cancel the trial.

The responsibility of being an adult, to be a perfect human in society makes us think more than before. We don’t want to take a wrong step but at the same time, it limits us to learn more. (n)