4 Types of Anger

2 min readMar 1, 2021

Anger is a type of human emotion and a part of being human. Anyone can get angry if something makes him uncomfortable. And we have to recognize the kind of anger in us. And it’s good if we also know the types of anger at the people closest to us.

Photo by Ryan Franco on Unsplash

There are several types of anger:

1. Assertive anger
This type of anger is the calmest. People with this type of anger, realize that they are angry and they tend to avoid confrontation and then refrain from saying harsh words. People with this type of anger tend to motivate themselves to be better.

2. Chronic anger
People with this type of anger tend to hold back and blame themselves. The risk of chronic anger is affecting their health. Usually, this kind of anger comes from hating someone or becoming frustrated because of their condition.

3. Passive-aggressive anger
People try not to show they are angry. Usually, their self-confidence is unstable and sometimes they speak ambiguous words. And those ambiguous words make other people confused or even annoyed with them.

4. Retaliatory anger
Retaliatory anger is a natural human response to being confronted or attacked by another person. This type of anger is the most common and is usually motivated by revenge and people tend to bully or attack other people. Bullying can be physically or verbally attacked.

It’s all kinds of anger in general. There are many other types of anger if you search the internet, but the 4 types of anger below are the most common. And maybe the term type of anger is different from the terms below, but still has the same meaning.

You must know what kind of anger you are. If you know your type, it will be easier to handle your anger. You also need to know what kind of anger your partner is because that’s very important too. By knowing how angry your partner is, you can find out what to do when your partner is angry. (yg)