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Hoax is a consequence of the digital era. Hoax is massively coming equally with the opening of information’s door. And one of the solutions to encounter it is with literacy. The key to literacy is knowing how to get the right and complete information or having knowledge related to it. As a young person, it is an easy thing to validate the information on the internet. But, for boomers, it’s hard.

As we know that lots of hoaxes spread in the family group WhatsApp. As we know too, that boomer is the common person who spreads hoaxes on social media…

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There are many pyrolysis applications, such as converting waste plastics into usable oil, cooking foods, or drying coals in energy generators. I want to talk about pyrolysis that is related to energy.

Pyrolysis or easily called carbonization is a process to remove water and volatile materials then leaving a solid or liquid residue that contains mostly carbon. Why do we only need carbon? Because carbon is used for the combustion process to generate energy. In the ideal condition, carbon plus oxygen will produce carbon dioxide plus energy.

A simple burning/combustion chemical process

C + O2 = CO2 + Heat

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Branding is not a logo, it’s not a visual identity, it’s not a promotion, and it’s not marketing. Branding is what people feel about a product, service, or organization. Branding is defined by individuals, not companies, marketers, or the public.

For example, we see Apple products. My feelings and your feelings about Apple products may be different. Even though I don’t have any Apple products, I feel Apple products are high-tech, modern design, and expensive. You may have a different feeling about Apple, and other people may have a different feeling too.

Why is branding so important?
1. Because people tend…

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Start from the small task, start from ourselves, and start it right away. Those are three magic formulas to make a change in our life. As being older, sometimes we forget about those. We forget about the process that is described through those ways. Maybe because we are adults right now, so we wanna see the result right away. It can be because we see our successful friends, the pressure from society, or our own target plan.

We don’t have so much patience like we were young. We easily give up and think that we don’t have the capability to…

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The big differences are in the purposes of writing and the length of writing. Content writing aims to give information or try to influence the audiences with the information they had. Content writing has a lot of sentences or paragraphs than others. For example, articles, news, essay, etc. While copywriting is expected to influence people about brands/products. Usually, we see it in advertising on tv, banner, or social media. When we make copywriting, we need to research the brand and audiences, searching for insights, and creating an idea based on the research, creative thinking, etc., to achieve the purpose of…

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The hacking field is wide and I am not a master in that field. So, I just want to talk in a small scope or personal scope. When we talk about personal hacking, usually it’s because of money or lust. For example in a Bank system, it’s impossible to hack a bank, because every bank has a strong security system. The weakest system is customers. Hackers usually attack customers and a lot of hackers get what they want even though with no high computer skills.

Hackers will attack the weakest system.

If someone asks you to give a photocopy of…

As time goes by, we forget moments, we forget what we did, we forget every detail of whatever happened before.

As time goes by, whatever we think is important before becomes meaningless, or more than that becomes forgotten.

As we think about those, we realize that time is short because lots of memories disappear.

And every experience can’t be experienced once again to remember all of the details, all of the feelings.

As time goes by, the past becomes forgotten, and tomorrow still feels scary.

As time goes by, we are walking on it, we are walking every second of it.

As time goes by, we still don’t know when it will stop and what’s the end of it. (n)

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Pranks are practical jokes that usually cause one or several people to be embarrassing, confusing, or not comfortable. I don’t like pranks at all, because pranks are like bullying. There is always a victim in a prank.

I was so sad when some public figures made some pranks for their youtube channel, and moreover, the contents were trending videos at that time. After that, many people tried to make pranks for their youtube channel. And because of that, many people became the victims. It’s OK when they are sure that the victims are people who aren’t angry with being victims…

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Have you had a problem managing your time?
Here, timeboxing is the answer.

Timeboxing is scheduling your daily routine and apply it in reality. It sounds boring to do the same every day. But it helps you to decrease wasting your time to think about what you should do next. Or simply procrastinating yourself by gaming, sleeping, or else because you feel you don’t have a task to do. But in reality, you have a lot. It happens simply because you don’t have a concrete task on your mind. You don’t have a plan.

By timeboxing, you make a schedule…

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Pandemic brings us back to our old hobbies, hobbies that we can’t do anymore because of our busy life. Or, find a new hobby, something that we wanna try to do but again, we never made it because of our busy life.

Pandemic brings us more time to dig ourselves more and recover the old/other sides of ourselves. There we can see that we can shift ourselves to become another person, someone who we’ve never thought before or even who we’ve thought we couldn’t be one of them. Before, we saw the same portrait of ourselves every day. …


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