A Story about Leadership

“The faker you are, the more successful you can be”
Pablo Stanley

In the word leadership, it contains “ship”.
I want to tell a story related to ships.

There’s a ship captain, he’s about to make his first shipping. He owns a ship and some crew. But the boat was leaking.

One of his crew said,
“Captain! There’s a hole in our ship. We can’t sail.”
The captain said, “We go now!”
“But captain, we’re going to drown.”
“Just go! You don’t know my plan.”
“Ok Captain, we go now.”

A great leader, listen to intuition. He always believed in his plans.

Photo by Knut Troim on Unsplash

Then they were shipped. And the ship sank because there was a hole in the ship.
“Captain! We’re drowning. What are we going to do?”
“What? We’re going to die.”
“I know, at least we shipped”
“Ok captain, you are a great leader” then his crew drowned with pride in themselves, they were shipped at least once in their lifetime.

What about the captain? He’s wearing a life jacket. He didn’t die, because he was prepared.

After that, he made up a story about his delivery experience. He made up a great story, and people recognized him as a leader who took risks.
He said, “let failure be mine, and my experience is yours.”
And people believed him because his experience took great risks. And then many people invested in him to make the second shipment. (yg)