Branding Is What People Feel

2 min readMar 16, 2021
Photo by bruce mars on Unsplash

Branding is not a logo, it’s not a visual identity, it’s not a promotion, and it’s not marketing. Branding is what people feel about a product, service, or organization. Branding is defined by individuals, not companies, marketers, or the public.

For example, we see Apple products. My feelings and your feelings about Apple products may be different. Even though I don’t have any Apple products, I feel Apple products are high-tech, modern design, and expensive. You may have a different feeling about Apple, and other people may have a different feeling too.

Why is branding so important?
1. Because people tend to buy what they trust.
A good brand comes from good experiences and trust. If people trust your products or services, it makes your brand good.
2. Because people have so many choices with similar values.
If people want to buy something then they surf to an e-commerce application, they will get so many choices from the search result. For example, you want to buy a camera on e-commerce, then you find hundreds of cameras with similar value. All cameras can take a picture with good results. Which camera will you buy? So, Branding is important to help people to find their best product for them. (yg)