Don’t Watch Prank Videos!

2 min readMar 13, 2021
Photo by NeONBRAND on Unsplash

Pranks are practical jokes that usually cause one or several people to be embarrassing, confusing, or not comfortable. I don’t like pranks at all, because pranks are like bullying. There is always a victim in a prank.

I was so sad when some public figures made some pranks for their youtube channel, and moreover, the contents were trending videos at that time. After that, many people tried to make pranks for their youtube channel. And because of that, many people became the victims. It’s OK when they are sure that the victims are people who aren’t angry with being victims. But a lot of pranksters make strangers their victims, and there is no agreement between the prankster and the victims.

I haven’t watched many prank videos, because I don’t want to increase their viewers. Of course, not all prank videos are bad, maybe there are some good pranks that I never watched. I also tolerate if the victim is the prankster’s friend that they have a good relationship. Because it will be easier for the prankster to apologize. But I feel sad if the victims are foreign people because maybe I or you or someone you love will become the victim.

If there are still other entertainments for you, please don’t watch pranks. We don’t want more people to be the victims. (yg)