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Flutter is a google tool or framework for making cross-platform applications. With Flutter, developers can make an application for Android and iOS in one base code. This tool is very useful for application developers because this tool can reduce their development cost.

If developers want to build an application for Android and iOS, this tool will cut a lot of time, because the development process only needs one coding process for both platforms. The output applications for android and iOS are the same, so the time for testing will be reduced too.

With Flutter, developers can make full customization of the User Interface. Flutter also provides components like icons and widgets material, so developers do not depend on third parties. The application performance is the same or higher with native application performances. Users will get smooth experiences when they use the applications.

Flutter does not depend on platforms, so there are no additional costs for supporting older OS versions. For example, if developers develop an application in Android Version 10, they don’t have to make any custom code for Android version 9. If developers want to migrate their applications to Flutter, they should learn Dart programming language. And don’t worry, because the old code in the current applications can still be used.

Flutter is not alone, some competitors are based on cross-platform applications too. Some of them are Reach Native, Xamarin, and Apache Cordova. (yg)



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