1 min readMar 11, 2021
Photo by Rifqi Ali Ridho on Unsplash

Pandemic brings us back to our old hobbies, hobbies that we can’t do anymore because of our busy life. Or, find a new hobby, something that we wanna try to do but again, we never made it because of our busy life.

Pandemic brings us more time to dig ourselves more and recover the old/other sides of ourselves. There we can see that we can shift ourselves to become another person, someone who we’ve never thought before or even who we’ve thought we couldn’t be one of them. Before, we saw the same portrait of ourselves every day. But now, we can see that we actually have the potential to be more.

Well, to have that, unfortunately, we are pushed by this “pandemic” situation. This is a fact that creativity is born because of the pushed situation. So, if we wanna be creative people in the long term, we need to push ourselves more by ourselves. We need to do it as much as this pandemic situation does to us. (n)