The Greatness of Allah

Photo by yj w on Unsplash

Today, I watched my fish. I waited for them to eat when I fed them. I saw them actively swimming like a kid running here and there. When I saw them, I remembered that animals and plants praise Allah with their ways. And I thought, “How do they praise Allah? Are they praising right now? Is their movement right now (swim) is their praising way?”

When I saw them in their pond, I thought how great Allah is to think of creating creatures with different places to live. ( I don’t know how to say it). I mean, Allah creates creatures who only live on land and others who live underwater. Even Allah creates creatures based on different dimensions. Like genies who can see us, but we can’t see them.

A lot of things we don’t know. I see the greatness of Allah when I think that our world is so large and so big on land. And I see the greater of it when I think of the ocean, how it is a mystery because of the breadth and the depth of it. And another big thing is outer space, a galaxy, and other galaxies again until we don’t know the exact limit of everything. When I think about it right now, how insignificant my activities are and how trivial my problems are. Hehe. There are so many interesting things out there that are waiting to be exposed. (n)