Working with Passion

Photo by Fernando Brasil on Unsplash

Many people can’t be what they want to be for some reason. But you can choose what you want to be, you have that privilege. For people who can choose, we have to realize that if we try to live someone else’s dream, it would take all of our life. Many people live in their parent’s dreams. They aren’t passionate about their job. If we work in something that we aren’t passionate about, we will choose the easiest way. Otherwise, when we are passionate about something, we will feel like we are challenged to do more.

Looking for our passion is sometimes not easy. But you can start by thinking, what you liked to do at your young age? What you did when no one else looked at you. And what you want to do when you don’t think about money. When you do that, you can enjoy it and you do that activity as you play. And you want to do more.

I see my mother is passionate about teaching. She is happy when she’s at school. So, she does more than average teachers. She spends more time teaching, she looks for her students to give an extra lesson in a break time. And sometimes, on the weekend she invites some students to come to her house. She can do that because she is passionate.(yg)



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